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Axe Apps

Our mobile apps and sites are designed and can be developed and deployed on a variety of platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phones and tablets and the web. Get an app today; put your business in your customers' hands...

Our Recent Apps

We like to show off what we build. So here is a tiny sample of our latest projects. View more in our apps menu!


Angel HD is an app that came from a book, making this book an interactive experience.


Impressa Salonis an interactive and socially connected site.


Stomp Yardis a mobile game now in the Appstore and on GooglePlay developed by our in house gaming team, Share The Game.


About Axe Apps

Mobile Applications can place your business right in the hands of your customers. Anyone with a handheld device looks for apps that make their lives easier. If you can bring your services to them quickly, conveniently, and in a fun and exciting way, then you will continue to have repeat business.

Mobile Apps
We have developed several mobile Apps for many of our partners and several other businesses. The internet has become a mobile landscape and to reach people there, one must enter this mobile space; we can help.

Mobile Games
We also develop mobile games for many of our clients and partners. Adding mobile games to a site, social network, or just the Appstore or Google play, is one of the most innovative and successful ways to keep customers coming back for more.

We can put your apps in the Appstore for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Your App will then be along side all your customers' favorites.

We can put your app up on GooglePlay, The Android Market, for the several Android devices that are in the wild.

Kindle and Nook
We can also create Apps for the Kindle and Nook and even other eReaders and platforms, reaching customers that you can't reach anywhere else.


Being able to put the Mobile Market icons such as Apple and Android on all your advertising will give you that modern stamp of approval. Not to mention, your customers will be interacting with your content in a way and place that is most comfortable to them.


On the iPad, iPhone?


On Android phones and Tablets?


On the Kindle?


On the Nook?

Our Apps

Below, you will some some examples our apps.

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