• New Music Release

    Naked Truth

    This is a new compilation of many of Gerry's pieces. (Available on iTunes and GooglePlay) This is an ecclectic group of tracks including some Acoustic, Instumental, but all Gerry himself. This CD will drop in anticipation on July 4th of this year.
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  • Teaching

    Gerry's true passion is teaching. He currently teaches English at ECPI University and also teaches mobile application development workshops throughout Hampton Roads.

    He started his teaching career at Old Dominion University while in graduate School
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  • In The News

    At Work With Gerry White, a recent article in the Virginian Pilot.

    "To me, the Web was always one of the most advanced forms of art that you could possibly experience. You've got language, you've got sound, you've got visual arts, and people can interact with it. And the app piece just kind of fascinated me."
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  • What is Language.

    Gerry is also passionate about language and how it works to construct our realities. He writes poetry, fiction, and some prose. Feel fre to read samples of some of his work
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  • App Development

    Gerry enjoys developing mobile apps."Mobile apps present us with a unique art form. We can create things that people interact with." He develops a wide vaity of native, web, and social networking apps and works closley with area leaders to bring more of these types of technologies to our students and Hampton Roads in general.
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One important part of Gerry's work is his writing. Poetry finds its way into his head every day and many of his poems are just a click away. There is also a little of his early fiction, prose, and philosophical works on this site as well.

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Gerry's first artistic love was music. He constantly writes and records. He His most recent CD, Blood Oath, is now avaiable, and he is currently working on an all acoustic CD, Naked Truth, Summer 2013.

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"Developing apps and games is some of the most involved artistic projects I've even worked on."Lately, Gerry has been working on several mobile applications and games, available in the Appstore and GooglePlay.

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Latest works

  • Stomp House

    An addictive little politcal game now avaiable in the Appstore.

    A+ Essay

    This iPad App walks one through the process of writing a quality academic Essay

    Blood Oath

    This is Gerry's latest CD. Blood Oath contains Hard Rock, Piano Ballads, and Good Old Roch and Roll.

  • Steak Stacker

    This is a great little addictive stacking game now available in the Appstore.

    Angel HD

    Have you ever wanted to know more about the angels? How about the history surrounding them. Well, Angel HD is for you.

    Silent Fury

    Silent Fury: Mirror is one of Gerry's first CD's. Check it out today.